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Earl and Lrae and the Human Condition

What’s worrying you Earl? The price of eggs in Chicago, the robot uprising, mortality, turbans, pestilence?

Lot’s to worry about in 2020 Lrae. Humans are so undependable and malfunctioning and we chickens depend on them– I worry about their inherent condition.

Their (in what} condition Earl?

Well, their human condition Lrae, humans left on their own consentiments and proclivities make faulty decisions, do stupid things, act on impulse.

That’s why God gave Moses those commandments Earl, guidelines on allowable behavior.

Well Moses wasn’t thinking long term Lrae, God had a bunch of stone tablets up there on the mountain and he should have picked someone younger. Old Mose was 110 years old and weak from forty days eating only burning bush berries and celery sticks. Those tablets weighed nearly 200 pounds each. Near starved and weak he tripped over the Golden Calf and broke the first set of commandments. Luckily, God foresaw that, and had a backup set of the Commandments in his files.

What commandments do you think Moses left up there on that mountain Earl?”

More than 600, probably one’s to do with artificial intelligence, genetically modified food, and offshore accounts, stuff like that.

Did you read the latest science reports Earl? Along with the coming flu virus scientists have discovered a new strain of virus that makes humans resistant to facts. This virus makes them incontinent and immune to any form of provable truths. The science guy thinks the virus may have developed the ability to intercept and discard factual information on its way from the auditory and optic nerves to the brain.

Greta Thurnberg, that sixteen year old environmentalist, who has to be seventeen by now, thinks its possible humans will become more receptive to facts once they are in an environment without food, clean water, and oxygen.

Aren’t you more worried about World War III 3 Lrae? All those nuclear bombs no one is using? We chickens are combustible.

I think it all started Earl because humans are so competitive. It started when Billy lit some ladyfingers, then Jimmy buys an M80, then Melvin buys a cherry bomb, then Albert, the Jewish kid with the chemistry set makes an A bomb, then you work through the alphabet and you end up with a Fx#! Bomb! Then an H bomb! And humans are curious. One of those commandments probably said Thou shalt not tempt fate or try to blow things up, but Willie Wicker says Whoa, I got a ballpeen hammer and what would happen if I whack that whichajigger on the tip of that nuclear thing?

You’ve got me curious Earl about those commandments left up there on the mountain.

God should have been more specific with the consequences, like I’ll Smote Ye, or turn you into a pillar of NaCl, specific stuff.

You’re probably right Lrae. This is all beyond the cerebral cortex of a chicken. I did check though on the price of eggs in Chicago. Checking all the big markets and corner groceries, a dozen eggs in Chicago average 2.37 cents. You can get them as cheap as 13 cents apiece if you buy in bulk.

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